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ZX6350D drilling and milling machine maintenance knowledge
- May 02, 2017 -

ZX6350D drilling and milling machine bed and parts of the cleaning work, cleaning iron and the surrounding environment, sanitation, cleaning, clamping, measuring tools;

Check the oil level, shall not be less than the oil mark, filling the various parts of the lubricating oil

Milling machine maintenance weekend:

Spindle milling machine maintenance:

1, headstock, worktable, gearbox cleaning, oil change;

2, the drilling and milling machine manufacturers to clean the oil pump and tubing, check and adjust the work table, the gap between the screw and screw nut;

3. Clean the clutch plate, clean the cooling box and replace the coolant

Drilling and milling machine guide surface and worktable:

1, clean and adjust the working table, the screw handle and the column

2, check, adjust the clutch;

3, clean the three guide rails and oil blankets, motors, machine tools and accessories inside and outside cleaning;

4, check the oil circuit, add the lubricating oil;

5 tighten the screws

Maintenance of transmission mechanism of drilling and milling machine:

1, the Ministry of oil wool felt dismantling and cleaning;

2, wipe the sliding surface and the surface of the guide rail, wipe the table and the horizontal, the lifting screw rod, wipe the knife transmission mechanism and tool holder;

3, wipe the dead corner

Lubrication and lubrication of drilling and milling machine:

1, the oil hole clean flow and add lubricating oil;

2, each of the guide surface and sliding surface and the screw rod filling lubricating oil;

3, check the transmission body of the oil tank, oil surface, and fuel to the elevation position

Other parts of drilling and milling machine:

1, check and tighten the pressure plate and the screw

2, check and tighten the slide screw, feed driving mechanism, handwheel, table bracket screws, fork top wire;

3, check the other parts of screw loosening of screws.