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Plant Physiological Instrument

  • Plant Transpiration Rate Tester

    Plant Transpiration Rate Tester

    The plant transpiration rate meter can test the following indicators: Blade temperature Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) Air temperature Air humidity Transpiration rateRead More

  • Fruit And Vegetable Breathing Tester

    Fruit And Vegetable Breathing Tester

    This meter is a new product which is specially used to test and research fruit and vegetables under the conditions of normal temperature, cold storage, supermarket freezers and so on. It can choose different respiratory chambers according to the size of fruit and vegetables which can speed up the balance and measuring time....Read More

  • Photosynthetic Instrument

    Photosynthetic Instrument

    FS-3080D photosynthetic instrument test items: Non-diffusion infrared CO2 analysis Blade temperature Photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) Leaf chamber temperature Leaf chamber humidity Analysis calculated: Leaf photosynthetic rate Leaf transpiration rate Stomatal conductance Water use efficiencyRead More

  • Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

    Chlorophyll Concentration Meter

    Introduction: chlorophyll-concentration-meter also called portable chlorophyll meter, and handheld chlorophyll meter, handheld chlorophyll meter, it's as an effective tool relative chlorophyll content of the plants is measured. There are several different types of chlorophyll: chlorophyll a...Read More

  • Protable Chlorophyll Meter

    Protable Chlorophyll Meter

    introduction: This protable chlorophyll meter can test the relative chlorophyll content of plants in real time or the "green degree" of plants and leaves. Chlorophyll content is an important index to measure plant condition. If the growth is good or not, there are more chlorophyll in...Read More

  • Handheld Chlorophyll Meter

    Handheld Chlorophyll Meter

    Application: Handheld Chlorophyll Meter is able to measure chlorophyll content of plants and leaf temperature. Chlorophyll content and leaf nitrogen content have a very close relationship. Thus, chlorophyll content can reflect plants demand for nitro. Using the instrument can do go to put...Read More

  • China Leaf Area Meter

    China Leaf Area Meter

    LAM series leaf area meter is a kind of portable instrument that can be used conveniently in the field. Leaf area and related parameters can be measured accurately, quickly and without damage, as well as area measurement of picked plant leaves and other flaky objects. Widely used in agriculture, meteorology, forestry and...Read More

  • Portable Leaf Area Meter

    Portable Leaf Area Meter

    The LAM Series Leaf Area Meter can test the leaves area without damage .Easy to operate. Can test many kinds of data, such as leaf area, average area, length of leaf, width of leaf, thickness of leaf, perimeter and ratio of length and width.Read More

  • SPAD Chlorophyll Meter

    SPAD Chlorophyll Meter

    Chlorophyll meter by measuring the leaf in two wavelength range of light transmittance relative quantity to determine the current leaf chlorophyll, which is in the chlorophyll choose two wavelength region absorb certain wavelengths of light, measured value is calculated according to the amount of transmitted light bladeRead More

  • Chlorophyll Content Meter

    Chlorophyll Content Meter

    Green element tester can measure real-time plant chlorophyll relative content or the "green degree" of plant leaf chlorophyll content is an indicator of the status of the plant itself, grew well in the plant's leaves contain more chlorophyllRead More