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HDT&VICAT Softening Point Temperature Testing equipment

HDT&VICAT Softening Point Temperature Testing equipment

Hdt & Vicat Testing Machine, Heat Deflection Test, Heat Deformation Test manufacturer / supplier in China, offering ISO75 Heat Deflection Temperature Tester, Cable Lugs, Electrical Wire Terminal Tensile Strength Tester, Pipe Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Apparatus and so on.

Product Details

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Brief  Description:

XRW Series HDT&VICAT Testing Machine is mainly used for deformation temperature and Vicat softening point test for horniness pipes and tubes materials. It's suitable to measure the HDT and VICAT character of plastics, rubber, nylon, electrical insulation materials etc., widely used in production, research, inspection department and institute for educations. Conform with standard ISO75, ISO306, ASTM D1525, ASTM D648.

1. XRW-300 mainframe is desk-top model, XRW-300B is floor model, with beautiful appearance and stable performance, high accuracy, easy to use.
2, Three-way displacement sensor to measure the deformation.
3, Digital display temperature and displacement.
4, Micro-printer to print test results.

Technical Parameters:

Model XRW-300A XRW-300B
Mainframe type Desk-top type Floor type
Test station moving method Manual Motorized automatic
Temperature range Ambient temperature to 300o C
Heating speed 50o C/h, 120o C/h
Temperature accuracy ± 0.5o C
Deformation measurement range 0~1mm -0.1mm~5mm
Deformation error 0.01mm
Test stations
Power 220V, 50Hz, 4KW
Standard accessory Mainframe, control meter, sample racket, weight, VICAT pressing pinhead, HDT pressing head, Displacement transducer, Power cord, connection wire, manual etc.,
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